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Coral REEF Restoration


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Fragile coral reefs need action!

REEFolution aims to rebuild coral reefs by providing fundamental restoration skills to coastal communities. By combining local and scientific knowledge, REEFolution aids reef recovery and fosters local stewardship. This combination aims to improve and sustain local biodiversity and thereby contribute to the livelihoods of those who depend most on these rich yet vulnerable marine resources.

The REEFolution Foundation certifies and trains local community members in developing countries. They are given the opportunity to become marine conservationists at our coral restoration project.

OUR Mission


The REEFolution Foundation aims to restore coral reefs together with local communities in developing countries leaving behind sustainable, community-based coral reef managament in the long-run.



The REEFolution Foundation develops education materials to improve local (and global) environmental awareness. Local education enhances our mission to leave behind a resilient social-ecological system and sustainable community-based coral reef management in the long run. Read more


Coral restoration

The act of actively restoring coral reefs is an effective response to worldwide coral reef loss. Coral reefs are highly valuable ecosystems which function as an income source to coastal livelihoods.  Coral reefs function as natural habitats to approximately 30% of all marine species. Read more


REEF Rangers

The local community plays a central role in our approach. We educate and train local community members and they are given the opportunity to get a paid job. This way, the area benefits from our project as it creates job opportunities. Read more


Each year, about twenty worldwide scientists conduct research  at our organization. Through our collaboration with the Wageningen University, results are published scientifically thereby contributing to the worldwide battle against coral reef degradation. Read more

OUR Projects

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Kenya, Shimoni
Since 2016, REEFolution Kenya operates as coral reef restoration project in Shimoni, South-Kenya.

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The Vr experience
The REEFolution Foundation develops a 360 degrees underwater experience to increase awareness.


Kenya, Diani
Since 2021, REEFolution restores coral reefs in collaboration with the Swahili Beach Resort in Diani, Kenya.



We have a blog page where you can post and read the latest updates shared by REEFolution members!

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Dutch Flower Group

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'Coral for People People for Coral'

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Approximately 30% of all marine species live in or around coral reefs.